Thankful for This Moment

On this day set aside for giving thanks, it seems that it’s even more important to live in the moment.  As I share food, laughter and companionship with friends and family, I want to be truly present to the love that is happening NOW.  I don’t want to be dwelling on past hurts – this day is about forgiveness, reconciliation and a re-commitment to living in unity.  I also don’t want to be thinking about shopping tomorrow or the chores that need to be done over this long weekend.  I want to be HERE, enjoying this moment with my beloved and reveling in the glow of shared life.

Thanksgiving was (is) about gratitude for all that we do have and a celebration of abundance even in the face of turmoil and strife.  There is no doubt that our world is in the midst of messy transformation, but there is so much we do have and can be thankful for.  Let us take this one day to do nothing but celebrate that grace.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


About Shay MacKay

I'm a left-handed lesbian living in an abundant, beautiful world full of people slowly re-discovering their own divinity. A music maker, book reader animal lover and nature explorer attempting to live each day with a little more love and light. View all posts by Shay MacKay

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