Soul Cards

15 years ago I went in search of a tarot deck, hoping to find one that resonated with the feminist theology I was discovering.  I consider it one of those moments of divine intervention when I was led to buy a pack of Soul Cards.

Created by Deborah Koff-Chapin through her unique and stunning process of touch drawing, the soul card deck is unlike any other tarot deck I have seen.

From her website:

Through her years of Touch Drawing, Deborah has tapped into a universal level of the human soul. Out of thousands of Touch Drawings, she selected 60 to share with the world in the best selling, independently published SoulCards 1. In 2000, she selected 60 new images to create SoulCards 2. Each deck is complete unto itself, but when used together they offer an even richer range of imagery. Over 70,000 decks have been sold worldwide since 1995.

SoulCards, unlike their Tarot cousins, have no definitive meaning attached to each image, no manual to look up this card or that card to see what the answer is to your inquiry. SoulCards were born of an amazing form of artistic expression called Touch Drawing, a process which is in and of itself a reflection of the inner Self. Never intended to be divination cards, SoulCards are evocative images meant to bring the wisdom of the Soul into one’s awareness.

Both decks assist you to turn your awareness toward your own inner wisdom. When a card is chosen in association with a question, the image often evokes immediate insight. The guidebook supports you to use your creative resources to delve into the images through journal writing, storytelling, visualization, movement, dream incubation and other expressive modalities. When used in relationships and groups, SoulCards catalyze refreshing responses and authentic communication. Children are fascinated with the images, and often verbalize with unexpected wisdom and maturity. Soulcards are used by therapists, coaches, workshop leaders, spiritual directors, healers, intuitives and in management meetings, hospitals, spiritual retreats and creative writing groups. No previous knowledge is needed. The uses of SoulCards are endless!

What I like best about these cards is that there is no right or wrong.  There are no predetermined interpretations, so you don’t have to try to make the cards “fit” into your life circumstances.  Similar to the song I talked about yesterday, the soul cards help me focus and pay attention to the emotions and thoughts that are occurring.

Even if you have no desire to do a “reading”, the cards are simply gorgeous and can be appreciated for that alone.

Often gender-ambiguous and always free of any one spiritual tradition’s symbolism, the cards are great for anyone who is looking for a gentle nudge to explore their deeper selves.  As mentioned above, they are also really great for couples and groups looking to create more intimate connections.  They even make great conversation starters and ice-breakers.

So, if you are looking for that perfect gift for that special someone this holiday season, I highly recommend a deck of soul cards.  You can buy them here along with other really cool things, including everything you need to do your own touch drawings.


About Shay MacKay

I'm a left-handed lesbian living in an abundant, beautiful world full of people slowly re-discovering their own divinity. A music maker, book reader animal lover and nature explorer attempting to live each day with a little more love and light. View all posts by Shay MacKay

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